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How Can I Get A Loan With Bad Credit?

At Directors Mortgage, we understand that sometimes bad credit is a fact of life. There are many possibilities for the person whose credit situation is less than ideal.

Your credit is not only important to your abilities to purchase a home now, it is also important for your future. Since we at Directors Mortgage want to be your Mortgage Banker For Life, we seek to help repair your credit score as quickly as possible. Our mortgage brokers are also skilled credit advisors who can show you how to improve your credit score in the short term and in the long run.

Many borrowers who want to own a home do not have an ideal credit situation. The reasons are varied. Maybe they have had a few late payments with creditors. Maybe they just don't have an extensive credit history. Or maybe they have no employer.
At Directors Mortgage, we recognize that special situations should not necessarily prevent a prospective homebuyer from securing a loan.
Directors offers the following solutions:
  • Financing for applicants with recently discharged bankruptcies
  • Lenient credit qualifications
  • 100% financing for qualified borrowers
  • Reduced documentation loans
  • Our programs apply to primary homes, second homes and investment properties.

To find out how Directors Mortgage can address your special credit needs, talk to a Directors Mortgage Professional today.



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